What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes applied to your natural lashes to enhance your eyes with added curl, density, and length. Eyelash extensions are placed onto your natural lashes with professional fast-drying adhesive.

How often do I need fills?

It is recommended to get fills every 2-3 weeks. Remember, you must have at least 40% of your extensions to qualify as a fill. Getting fills regularly helps prevent damage to the natural lash due to the unbalanced distribution of weight when the natural lash grows out and the extension is at the tip of the natural lash, which causes breakage of premature shedding.

Can I wash my lashes/get them wet?

Yes. Within the first 24 hours after the appointment, it is recommended to refrain from getting your lashes wet, however after the initial 24 hours you MUST wash your lashes daily with an oil-free lash cleanser. This reduces your chance of infection as leaving them dirty will cause oil, dead skin and residue to build up along your lash line.

Can I wear makeup on top of my extensions?

It is not recommended as it is extremely hard to clean off of your lash extensions and it also causes the glue to break down faster, possibly causing retention issues.

If I’ve had an allergic reaction to lash extensions previously can I do it again after a certain period of time?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot get eyelash extensions if you’ve ever had an allergic reaction in the past. Typically, you are allergic to the bonding agent in the glue and if you continue exposing yourself to the allergen, you will continue getting increasingly worse reactions. All glues, even sensitive glues, contain cyanoacrylate (bonding agent), but in sensitive glues, it is present in a smaller amount.

Preparing for your eyelash extension appointment:

  • Avoid drinking caffeine 6 hours before your appointment
  • Cleanse your lashes well and avoid using oils or creams overtop your lashes/eyelid
  • Do not wear any eye makeup to your appointment
  • Please allocate up to 3 hours for your appointment
  • Remove contacts as they can trap the fumes underneath and cause increased irritation